Business Advice From Three Entrepreneurs That Shook the World

It’s easy to get business advice when you’re broke. Take it from us: even very small, unpopular business owners can get help if they’re willing to take the time to find it. There’s no need to waste valuable time dealing with unresolved issues when the right solutions are just out there. The key is to just focus on the problems at hand and find the solutions that work best for you.

Let’s start by examining what business advice the most successful entrepreneurs have taken and used to get to where they are today. You probably already know this. The most successful entrepreneurs are generally considered “thought leaders”. This means they are not afraid to “re-examine” ideas to determine if they’re right for them. In fact, many times they are right about a given issue because they have spent significant amounts of their time pursuing the solution. Here are the top three best business advice ever received by the most successful entrepreneurs:

In the business advice received by the co-worker who was more successful than he ever imagined he would be, he said that the one thing that he did not want to be when he got into his entrepreneurial phase was “a failure”. To the co-worker this sounded like common sense, especially since the co-worker had been a part of many failed ventures as a business owner. However, the founder took this advice literally and never looked back.

Another great business advice received by the most successful entrepreneurs was to never give up. They recognized early on that the true path to success involved the willingness to keep working even when things were not going the way they wanted. The first entrepreneur to do so was Steve Jobs who was able to climb out of the deep hole of being a penniless recluse to being one of the greatest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. He never stopped believing in himself and that attitude carried over to his businesses.

The third business advice that the three entrepreneurs knew they should heed was to pick one area to concentrate your attention on and just go for it. These entrepreneurs were able to put all of their effort into one business and in the end turned it into one of the largest companies in the world. This one area of focus allowed them to pick and choose what products and services they wanted to offer. This entrepreneur also understood early on that to become truly successful one had to build the business from the ground up using his or her own unique selling points.

The three entrepreneurs that received the best business advice of all time recognized that focusing on one area at a time was much easier than trying to build a company from the ground up. Their advice may not seem obvious to some people, because they received it from other successful business owners. However, the three entrepreneurs knew that they could not succeed unless they applied this knowledge.

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